Saturday, 27 August 2011


The only amusing response to the recent riots was the suggestion by Cameron and Miliband that they had a solution.
In a pig’s orifice they do. Everything that is wrong with life in England is down to political mismanagement.
In 1903 the Ottoman Empire offered an alliance. A young Churchill , who was to become the first and ultimate spin doctor, persuaded the Cabinet to refuse. He compounded his folly by hijacking two battleships the Turks had paid to have built in British yards. In consequence the Ottomans signed a non-aggression treaty with Germany. Churchill compounded his folly by organising the lost battle at Gallipoli.
Lloyd George bought Arab support in the First World War by promising them home rule for Arabia. At the same time the Sykes-Picot Treaty arranged a carve-up of Arabia between England and France, and the bit that was left over they gave to the Zionists (Lloyd George’s family firm were lawyers for the Zionist Movement and both he and Balfour were Christian Zionists).
Germany sued for a negotiated peace in 1917. The Allies rejected the offer, insisting on unconditional surrender. Versailles treaty terms ensured economic collapse which allowed the Nazi party to gain control.
That in turn made World War Two inevitable. Russia bamboozled Churchill and Roosevelt into giving the Bolsheviks control of half Europe and laid the ground rules for the Cold War.
The post-war Labour government set up a costly welfare state at a time when the Americans had emptied our Treasury.
Government interference cost us our export trade, our police force, our rail system and our education structure. Legislation outlawed the discipline of our young and crackpot theories ruined traditional teaching methods.
We were led by the nose into the Common Market and as a direct result our freedoms have been eroded, our courts superseded and our industry wrecked. We have fought expensive unnecessary wars we could not afford in countries whose concerns are not ours. I know we have to pretend the Irish Peace (?) was a triumph of negotiation but the IRA won and it’s all starting again. Our Iron Headed Chancellor Brown sold our gold reserves at the bottom of the market.
The Glazer family in the U.S. bought Manchester United with 500 million dollars of their own money and saddled the club with interest payments of tens of millions by borrowing the balance of the £1.5 billion purchase price. They are going to pay off the debt by a flotation on the Asian stock market which will bring the family £1.8 billion profit. Britain is the only country which allows foreign companies to buy sporting clubs with borrowed money.
The fabric of England has been torn to shreds by a deliberate policy of excessive immigration. The land is despoiled to make millions for aristocratic landowners and MPs by a devil’s planting of wind turbines. We are told they will run at maximum power, when at best they will reach thirty per cent.
Quell the riots? They caused them by their incompetence.

I have always considered the apparently endless career of Dimbleby and Sons compelling evidence of the evils of nepotism. Wynford Vaughan Thomas was a much better commentator than Richard and his sons have competed for the title of worst chairman in radio history. I am not alone in this view. A disgruntled listener has complained in the Radio Times that Any Questions? is in desperate need of a chairman who does not dominate the programme. He suggests Nick Robinson, which is fine by me – but then any replacement would be welcome. Eddie Mair, perhaps?
The listener says that Marathon Jonathan asked nineteen questions which left time for only five questions from the audience.
The following week was even worse. Four questions from the audience.
From Marathon Man? Twenty-three.