Friday, 19 November 2010


See the politicians forming a disorderly queue for the dock in the Old Bailey. Luckier ones escaped a similar fate by paying back the millions they acquired by a parliament-backed fraud. An MP admits he used a house the taxpayer funded as security on a loan. Disgraced MPs are caught on camera offering to subvert their former colleagues in the interests of business. MPs rush to defend one of their fellows who has been kicked out for cruel defamation of a competitor.

Gerry Adams, former IRA terrorist leader, was elected an MP but refused on principle to attend parliament although he took salary and expenses. Now he has decided to resign and will walk away from Westminster with a £41,000 pay off.

Unaccountably the House of Lords seeks to prevent a cut in the number of MPs though we have the most of any EC country. Those that remain share with those who may go another distinction. They have allowed themselves to become lobby fodder to Europe and their own sofa cabinet.

The Government shamelessly admits giving to “terrorists“ from Guantanamo Bay a multi-million pound bribe to drop their claims of British collusion in their torture.

Scoop a netful of the pond life which swims in the waters of Westminster. Ask them why they came into Parliament. With one voice they will utter the mantra, “We wanted to make a difference.”

It would be salutary to examine the DIFFERENCES that politicians have made since Western Civilisation ended in 1914.

We are at war with the Muslim World because of our Janus- faced government. They won the Arab tribes to the Allied side in World War One with promises that after the Ottoman Empire was smashed the Arabs would be given their land back. They were not told that in 1917 under the terms of the Sykes-Picot treaty their land would be shared between England and France.

The reason the Palestinians and Israelis are fighting is another consequence of duplicity. The Balfour Doctrine awarded the Jews a homeland that the Palestinians had lived on for centuries. Again they did not tell the Arabs. Its architects, Lloyd George and Balfour, were both Christian Zionists. Lloyd George had another reason for keeping the Israelis sweet. His family firm of solicitors represented the Zionist movement.
The reason the Nazi party came into being and the world war that followed were a direct consequence of the crippling reparations the Germans had to pay after world war one.

Our subsequent invasions of other sovereign countries are too many to mention.

The most recent catastrophic failure of Government was to take us to the verge of bankruptcy by its failure to regulate bankers, whose patron saint is Francis. He, you recall, gave away his father's goods just as they made free with our money and then borrowed money from us. Even when it had walked us down the crooked mile the Government had not finished with us. It imposed drastic cuts on us and immediately spent the £7 billion we would have saved this year by giving it to the Irish Government to save them from the disaster which was the inevitable cost of government by Hire Purchase.
It is a small consolation that compared with the venal Irish government our own merry band of outlaws shines like a good deed. Perhaps the Government should study the history of the ruling party Fianna Fail. It is the child of the IRA, which in 1922 rejected a treaty with Britain and went to war with the Irish Free State, the new government of Eire. Ten years later it wrested power and launched an economic war on the British Empire. After twice almost ruining the economy, in 1970 Fail launched the Provisional IRA with government funds.
With friends like that...............................


Every Armistice Day for many years I stood in the main road in our village and recited, for the benefit of the British Legion and other veterans, those immortal words: “They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.”

Words so beautiful we never examine the thought behind them. Frankly it is an insult to those millions of servicemen whose shades presumably watch over us. Are they supposed to be grateful that they were blown to pieces on the threshold of manhood? Are they relieved that years cannot condemn them to a lifetime of laughter, love, marriage, literature and all the other things which are the gifts of life?

Don't take a vote on it. “Grateful Dead” is an oxymoron. “Growing old?” I will lay odds they wouldn't mind a slice of that. Their frail spirits would no doubt add: “Kindly put my name down for being by the years condemned.”

It would be more to the point to recite Dylan Thomas's “Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.”

There is something demeaning in the howls of protest which greeted the news reader who insisted he would only wear the poppy on Remembrance Day, which not all that long ago everyone did. Just so long as you buy one, when you wear it is unimportant.

I have become sickened by the whole Festival of Remembrance, which every year reeks of show business. This year new depths were plunged by parading the war widows after a heart breaking video interview with one. Isabel the Choirgirl
sang as they marched across the arena. After the rehearsal when she first saw them, immediately after watching the video, she burst into tears. The only way she could get through the performance was by not looking at that sad procession. If I were a dead soldier I would value that child's tears more than a thousand poppies floating down from the roof of the Albert Hall.

Incidentally, I hope someone paid for that mawkish gesture more suited to a scene in a Disney Madame Butterfly.
I found myself wondering what the widows were thinking. Perhaps that the government had rewarded them for their tragic loss by reducing their pensions. Look on the bright side. The money the government grabs from the widows and their mites will help to pay the bribes of the tortured Muslims.


Three women have saved the monarchy and all with firmly working class roots: the Queen Mother, Camilla and Miss Middleton.



My friend Geoff Mather emails:

“I am passing on some vital information that might have escaped your attention as it did mine:

The information comes from Lancashire District Aged Aid Assimilation
project, dedicated to correcting the unfortunate discrepancies in the
lives of senior people like us.

Today is Thursday.
Please let me know if you wish to have daily bulletins from LDAAA.
Subject: What day is it? A primer
You will, for instance, be told immediately when it is Friday.
Monday alone will not be notified week by week in conformity with Mr
Cameron's need to conserve both energy and money.

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